Monday, January 31, 2011


Some people ask where do I find inspiration for my 3-D screen portraits? Most of my ideas come from the old photos and ambrotypes I collect. Some photos are forgotten persons of the past but, with my creative talent they are brought back from the past. Working with screen is not the easiest material to work with when sculpting figures. I do use my own face as a form but, sometimes I ask people to pose for some of my portraits. Oysterman was a combination of ambrotype, me and my partner Jerry. The piece conveys a sense of hope for our Oyster farmers and shrimpers. He stands with his bucket of half oysters and wearing his best suit to show he is a working class gentleman. I will be creating a series of 3-D screen portraits conveying hope and promise for the people that work the hardest in our Louisiana seafood industry. They have battled the worst of serveral storms and remain confident and a symbol of the American dream.