Monday, August 23, 2010

New Orleans Characters and Misfits Art Showing

Hard to believe seven months have passed since opening 8219 Oak Street Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. My business partner packed up her things and left, water pipes broke upstairs, and heavy rains flooded the streets. I am not complaining but, lord its been a rollercoaster. I have no regrets about moving onto Oak street and opening a gallery. The screenscapes have been selling and I am building a great business. I have been inviting other artists to exhibit at 8219 Oak Street Gallery. Ed Taylor's Mardi Gras floats have been selling and I am hoping his art showing is a sellout and he is able to open his own gallery.

My next showing is October 2nd and I will be creating New Orleans characters and misfits. The screenscape portraits will be a revival of Acadian screen masks but, with my touches of found objects and decoration. I created my first "misfit" and his name is JaCk. Have a look and tell me your thoughts